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We’ve made no secret of being passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Both of us have worn many hats over the years and have fallen in love with the fitness industry.

We are committed to providing you with the complete fitness experience, using proper tools and education for a stronger, better you. Regardless of your current skill and activity level, we aim to share our knowledge and experience through customized nutrition/supplement and training plans, focusing on injury prevention.

We have one simple goal for our clients:  get healthy, feel great and have fun!

The Difference Between
Who You Are
and Who You Want To Be…
           Is What You Do!

Grace’s Recent Blogs

The Importance of Salt
Over the years, you have probably heard just as many contradictions about the importance of salt in your “diet” (nutrition program) as I have.  Everybody has an opinion about the
Emotional Eating
Many of us tend to find ourselves eating for emotional reasons, such as sadness, stress, anger, etc. It is fair to say that emotional eating can very likely lead to

Andrews Recent Blogs

Ready, Release, Rest
Think about this for a moment.  How often would you say you make sure to incorporate all three of these elements into your workout routines, when it comes to training? 
Most days have a sunrise and a sunset, but play no significant role in our lives.  There are those few days however, that have such a profound impact on us

I started with Grace post show after Nationals in August 2016. I had never had a successful post show and knew I needed to work with someone who would support, teach and guide me to a healthy post show weight. What most people don’t share are the “bad’s” that come along with post show. More often females embark these challenges as opposed to men. During this last prep, my body fought me in every way possible. To say there were challenges towards the end would be an understatement. As I knew my health was not at a good point, joining…

Nicky Scott

When I finally decided to take the plunge and enter a bodybuilding competition, I was feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed. I had tried working with a few trainers, but they weren’t the right fit for me; they didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to take someone all the way to the stage, and then successfully reverse diet them. A dear friend had been raving about her coaching team, Grace and Andrew of The Fit Life 24/7, and encouraged me to reach out to them. I did, and was impressed with Grace’s timely response to my questions, the completeness of her…

Lyndsey McDonald

My name is Ashley Kollenz and I have been working with Grace and Andrew from The Fit Life 24/7 in March 2016. Back in April 2015, I weighed 190lbs. I was able to bring my weight down about 25lbs on my own before I became a little lost and discouraged with my progress. Along my personal weight loss journey, I fell in love with weight lifting and also toyed with the idea of possibly competing in a body building competition, however, that goal seemed quite far fetched. This is when I reached out the Grace and Andrew. They immediately took…

Ashley Kollenz

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