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About The Fit Life 247 Team

Established in 2012 The Fit Life 24/7  is a unique personal training service that combines expert personal training, nutritional programming and lifestyle advice.

We specialize in many areas of fitness, health and wellness where we strive to provide our clients with a program that is customized to their personal goals and preferences. Whether you are looking to get started on a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, build muscle, or even step on stage to compete in bikini, figure, wellness or bodybuilding competitions, we have you covered every step of the way.

We believe that each client should have an exclusively developed plan that, when followed, enables a client to achieve extraordinary results.

The joy we gain from seeing our clients progress in their journeys, is why we genuinely love what we do.

certified personal trainer


I currently reside in Chilliwack, British Columbia with my husband and 3 dogs. My love for health and fitness started in 2011 when I became interested in my overall fitness abilities….
contest preparation


Born and raised in North Vancouver, I currently live in Chilliwack, BC. Happily married for 24 years to my beautiful wife Grace, we have an amazing daughter and three dogs….
lifestyle coach


Being a Lifestyle Coach & working with Grace & Andrew as part of of the Fit Life 24/7 team gives me the chance help others turn the unimaginable into the attainable and live a life they love…