The Importance of Salt
Over the years, you have probably heard just as many contradictions about the importance of salt in your “diet” (nutrition program) as I have.  Everybody has an opinion about the importance of salt. I have been told that I need to consume salt and on the flip side, others have told me that I must
Emotional Eating
Many of us tend to find ourselves eating for emotional reasons, such as sadness, stress, anger, etc. It is fair to say that emotional eating can very likely lead to obesity, but the reasons that lead to emotional eating are not so clear. To gain a better understanding of when this relationship with food begins,
Ready, Release, Rest
Think about this for a moment.  How often would you say you make sure to incorporate all three of these elements into your workout routines, when it comes to training?  All three of these components; ready, release and rest are key to developing your muscles and in turn building your desired physique. To be honest,
Most days have a sunrise and a sunset, but play no significant role in our lives.  There are those few days however, that have such a profound impact on us that we are not likely to ever forget any moment of that day.  These days can be drastically different for each and every one of
My journey since last year…
It has been almost a full year since I have written a blog. It has been a year of soul searching, healing and self discovery. Here is a recap of what has been happening. Some not so pretty. Since last years Nationals and have gone though a lot of ups and downs in life. Lucky
Mindful Eating
If you struggle with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, you may benefit from mindful eating strategies.  A disconnect between eating habits and hunger, is quite common for those who put on extra weight either after competition is over, being back from relaxing holidays, or simply extra dinners on the patio during the summer months.