Reverse Diet
I started with Grace post show after Nationals in August 2016. I had never had a successful post show and knew I needed to work with someone who would support, teach and guide me to a healthy post show weight. What most people don’t share are the “bad’s” that come along with post show. More often females embark these challenges as opposed to men. During this last prep, my body fought me in every way possible. To say there were challenges towards the end would be an understatement. As I knew my health was not at a good point, joining someone who knows and understands the female body was key. After speaking with Grace, I knew she would be a good fit for me and what I was looking for. She has helped me in so many ways she does not even know. I was physically and mentally broken down and I can say now I am nowhere near where I was before working with her. We have successfully been able to reverse with only a 10 to 12lb increase from my stage weight. This is with eating a large amount of food for my frame (I am only 4’11”) and minimal cardio. I have learned to ‘enjoy’ my food, not stress about what I am eating, proper supplementation for what my body needs and most importantly for me (as I have always struggled with cheats) I no longer binge when it comes time for my cheat/re-feed. I could ramble on and on about all the amazing things Grace has done and is doing. They are a team, they are family. They genuinely care about you and your health. Would recommend Grace and Andrew in a heartbeat.
Nicky Scott
Contest Prep
When I finally decided to take the plunge and enter a bodybuilding competition, I was feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed. I had tried working with a few trainers, but they weren’t the right fit for me; they didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to take someone all the way to the stage, and then successfully reverse diet them. A dear friend had been raving about her coaching team, Grace and Andrew of The Fit Life 24/7, and encouraged me to reach out to them. I did, and was impressed with Grace’s timely response to my questions, the completeness of her responses (she took the time to really answer me), and her kindness ( a former trainer had told me I looked like a ‘dough-looking pizza eater’). I had seen the progress that my friend had  made since working with them, and was really impressed with the amount of support they offer their clients. I wanted in! At first, I was intimidated…I was what I affectionately call fluffy… I definitely needed to peel off some of the fluff before I would be stage ready! Grace and Andrew have a great system which requires weekly check-ins. These check-ins kept me on track and accountable, and kept them informed of my successes and struggles. Feedback is positive, and delivered in a prompt fashion. We all have our struggles, and not once was I made to feel ashamed or belittled if I had a slip up. Instead I was offered support and direction for moving forward. I have now competed in my first bikini show (yah!), and am proud to say that I have peeled off 30lbs of fluff! The biggest changes, aside from my self-esteem, have been in my legs! You know that hard to lose inner thigh fat? It’s gone! My booty is perky and my arms and core are slimmer and more defined. I will continue to work with Grace and Andrew as we prepare me for my next show- they made this such a positive and empowering experience! They take away all the guess work when it comes to food prep, the training programs are interesting and challenging, and they are always available to give advice or answer questions. I would recommend them with confidence to anyone looking for show prep, or for lifestyle support. Their passion for what they do is so apparent!  When you join The Fit Life 24/7 you’re not a client, you’re part of the family. Cheers! Lindsey
Lyndsey McDonald
Fat Loss- Contest Prep
My name is Ashley Kollenz and I have been working with Grace and Andrew from The Fit Life 24/7 in March 2016. Back in April 2015, I weighed 190lbs. I was able to bring my weight down about 25lbs on my own before I became a little lost and discouraged with my progress. Along my personal weight loss journey, I fell in love with weight lifting and also toyed with the idea of possibly competing in a body building competition, however, that goal seemed quite far fetched. This is when I reached out the Grace and Andrew. They immediately took me under their wing and shared with me that no dream and goal was too big. They were determined to get me onto the stage, while teaching me healthy eating habits and changing my training and cardio methods. In November 2016, I made it to the Popeye’s Fall Classic stage! I took home 4th place in my class and it was the best day of my life. There is no way I would ever have been able to reach these health and fitness goals without the coaching and guidance from Grace and Andrew!! For most of my life, I was slightly overweight. I got heavier and heavier after university and even heavier when my career took off. I always felt like the ugly duckling but I was never ready to make my health and fitness a priority. NOW, I get daily compliments on my physique and my confidence has sky rocketed! I am finally happy when I look in the mirror. I lost 35lbs working with Grace and Andrew and have completely changed my outlook on health and fitness. My favourite part about working with Grace and Andrew was their passion for HEALTH first. They will never sacrifice health for a desired physique and there are not many coaches who could say the same. I also love that they are always accessible when I need them. Frequent and anytime communication is definitely something that sets them apart. With all that, I guess you could say that I’ve caught the competition bug and I can’t WAIT to get back on stage and I know with Grace & Andrew’s coaching, I will bring my best possible physique to the Knight of Champions stage in September 2017!!
Ashley Kollenz
Miss Universe Pageant Prep
 I first found out about the Fit Life 24/7 from the Internet by doing my own research. What got me they’re in the first place looking was that I was competing for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2017. Months before the competition I was working out but was disappointed since I wasn’t seeing the results for all the hard work I was putting in so I decided to get a trainer. Getting in contact with Grace was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was blown away with the amount of support Grace, Andrew, and the whole team provided. I was so impressed that Grace even researched about pageants so that the program they created would be personalized for the pageant stage and my body. The concept of meal prep and macros were foreign to me but Grace was always there to answer all my questions and help me along the way. I was amazed at the progress I saw in just 2 weeks and I loved going to the weekly conditioning classes and seeing the whole team, it was always an inspiration. I not only grew stronger physically but what this journey really taught me was to push my limits mentally. The Fit Life 24/7 takes the definition of family to a whole new level, the support, motivation, and passion everyone has inspired me to push myself to limits I didn’t think was possible. The best advice I can give someone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle and needs a little motivation is to contact the Fit Life 24/7, I promise you, you will not regret it. With their coaching I am proud to announce that I place in Top 10 of Miss Universe Canada out of 60 delegates. Even when I was in Toronto for my week Grace was always there for me to contact and it was always a sense of comfort. I’m happier, healthier, and stronger then I’ve ever been and that’s more than I can ask for. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for so much for the love and support you guys gave me, I cannot wait for another pageant and train again with the team Sincerely, Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith
Body Re-composition Contest Prep
When I first began prep with Andrew and Grace I have to admit I was scared. I didn’t understand macros at first but once I got the hang of it it was actually easy! Throughout my prep I had my carbs pretty high, the first few weeks I was very skeptical about the amount of carbs I was being given. My last prep I wasn’t given much carbs and I had it planted in my head that “carbs are bad for you” so seeing how much carbs I was given and meal prepping I definitely had my doubts. They always say you must trust the process and that’s what I choose to do, it wasn’t always easy but trusting then process was the only choice I really had. The training has always been easy for me so I was never worried about my muscles and once I got the food down it’s like there was no turning back! I definitely had my ups and downs throughout prep but I’m so glad I had and both my coaches by my said. They supported through my whole prep, there were days where I struggled to get by with personal issues and they were always there. Diet, training, posing everything both Andrew and Grace were able to help me achieve my goal of qualifying for BC’s and I personally wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I just can’t wait to start prep again I’m January for BC Provincial Championships held in Vancouver on July 8 9th 2017
Catherine Rampersad
sarah rempel
Functional Nutrition
Over this past year Grace and I have been tackling my health issues. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, as does Grace, and working with someone who is knowledgeable about this disease and what you can go through everyday makes this process so much easier. Although when I first approached Grace my goal was weight loss we soon realized we needed to tackle my health first. I used to wake up with stomach aches, bloating, and muscle and joint pain. Since changing my diet we’ve been able to decrease overall muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and no more bloating!!
Sarah Rempel